Parents Get Ready For Your Child To Have An Action Packed-FUN Filled Summer. They Will LOVE YOU For This!! Don't Miss Out, Space Is Limited For This Unique Summer Camp Experience 
Six Flags Season Pass Included with Registration
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        "They Will Come Home At The End Of The Day With A Smile On Their Face"
 If you want to send your children in the best-best summer camp ever, come here to Top Flight MMA... They will come home at the end of the day with a smile on their face and they will sleep at night because they are going to get the biggest benefit ever!
M. Bandy

"Top Flight Definitely Took Care Of My Little One" 
 She had  great time in camp! She learn Jiu-Jitsu and  learned some stand up, she had a great time.... Top Flight definitely took care of my little one!

US Army

Mr. Vaughn
Edgewood Maryland
"My Grand Daughter Is So Excited To Get To Camp, That She Out Of The Bed Before We Are Everyday" 

My Grand Daughter loves this summer camp! She can't stop talking about all the activities she did and how much fun she had. My granddaughter is so excited to get to camp, that she out of the bed before we are everyday.

Belcamp, Md
Attention Parents: What will your Child be doing this Summer while you are At work?

Kids in our summer camp have an  ABSOLUTE BLAST learning our special martial arts sytems, going on Trips atleast 2x a week, participating in skill building activities &much much more! 

We have even made it fun and exciting for the kids to brush up on scholastic subjects like math, science, and reading so they won't lose the knowledge the gained from school but will actually sharper and stimulated for the upcoming school year!  These activities go on all summer, depending on the school schedule, that can be 10-12 weeks. That's 10-12 weeks of positive-clean-life changing-real life skill building-pure unadulterated FUN!


Did you know that kids lose a vast amount of the knowledge from school during the summer break when they not in a specific structure? Studies have shown kids memory, math, and reading abilities decrease during the summer and when they return they behind in ability for the first 6-8 weeks. We have names this phenomena "The Summer Brain Drain" and its disturbingly easy to get. When the kids stay home in front of the TV or video games all, or when the kids are somewhere that doesn't sufficiently stimulate them mentally or physically the SUMMER BRAIN DRAIN is certain to take place. 

Here are the options you have for your child when it comes to summer activities and how their time is occupied during the summer break while you are at work

Option 1 At home bored and into TROUBLE- It is a well known fact that idle hands are a disaster. At home hours and hours of the child's time is spent in front of the TV of playing video games where they lose the knowledge the gain from the school. Not to mention with the many hours they spend in front of the TV, literally becoming zombies, they are not exercising. The lack of physical activity leads to so many health and social problems that many time last into a child's adult life. Also at home kids least likely to have a stimulating and productive structure because of the comfort of home, so that's when kids get in to trouble; get in to things they should't be into, hang out with negative peers in the neighborhood or on facebook or other destructive activities. Home is a option but definitely not the best one!

Option 2 Bored at another camp 
that is packed and under managed.

Rave Review 
From Mom That Had Her Son At Another Camp!
All Camp Are Not The Same....
"He Came Home Tired BUT EXCITED"
 I brought him here to the MMA summer camp because he is a very active child and the summer camp he was in, he sat around all day. But he came home tired but excited  after he came home from MMA.

Mrs. Tyree
Elkton, Maryland

Option 3
 WITH US having non-stop fun learning cutting edge martial art systems, going on weekly trips to places like Six Flags, Bowling, Laser tag, Aquarium, zoo, Skating rink, swimming pool,and aquiring BLACK BELT skills your child will have for the next school year and for the rest of their life. Action packed mind blowing fun all
 summer long, while learning real life skills that will make them successful in school and LIFE! Most important they will be stimulate mentally and physically.

Call Now and take ad
vantage of our EARLY REGISTRATION Special (Six Flags season pass included!)
We have a unique summer camp experience that will yield ton of invaluable benefits. Space is extremely limited!


If you are looking for an AFFORDABLE SUMMER CAMP that will blow you child's sock off with fun and activities, then you need to look no further than our Top Flight Karate Sports Summer Camp!
There are Summer Camp Programs In Belcamp, Bel Air, Aberdeen, Edgewood, Havre De Grace, and Joppa, all located in Harford County but none can match the ADVENTURE & EXCITEMENT Top Flight Karate Sports Summer Camp will give your Kid.
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